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Vivache Designs creates, designs and paints wall murals from commercial to residential. From skyscrapers, building, malls, cityscapes, small businesses and private residences we can paint any mural imaginable. We are our art mural design, and mural painting company. We create custom designed wall murals and original works of art. Our mural painters and artists can design and paint any mural painting that the mind can imagine. Our portfolio of custom murals, massive building mural paintings and our original art mural paintings speak for themselves. We paint wall murals in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, New York, and Phoenix. See why we are the best 5-Star rated mural painters and what our customers are saying about us on GOOGLE, YELP, HOUZZ, and FACEBOOK. Contact us to schedule your Free Quote consultation today. We look forward to hearing about your mural painting project.

Customer Reviews

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Let our 5-Star reviews give you 100% confidence in our mural design and mural painting abilities.

I was looking for the top mural painter in Los Angeles to paint serval wall murals for my business. I reached out to L-Star Murals, Hattas Murals, MuralPainterLA. and Vivache Designs. Decided to go with Vivache Designs because of their great mural portfolio and vast array of mural work. Plus they have great customer service, pricing and a stream lined mural process. Thanks to Vivache Designs for creating highly dynamic mural concepts and an amazing final mural product. If you are looking for the best muralist company, I recommend Vivache Designs.

Thanks again for the great work!

-Jamal N.

Vivache Designs' Mural Artist Michael Che Romero is an extremely talented graphic designer, artist, and mural painter and I would highly recommend working with him whether your vision/project is large scale or small. His works have helped shape the brand identity to numerous friends business spaces and can definitely be counted as marketing dollars well spent. His skills and ability absolutely expand the frontiers of what is possible.

Give Vivache Designs an opportunity and you'll be impressed with both the process and the results!

-Miles F.

Vivache Designs' Mural Artist Michael Che Romero was commissioned to create a Mural Painting in a downtown loft for a client of mine during an interior design project. Following this experience, it is clear that Michael is the best muralist in Los Angeles!!

Michael met with me on short notice on a Sunday afternoon to review the space. Following our initial meeting, Michael and the wonder that is Vivache Designs agreed to meet personally with the client in order to create a custom Art Mural like none other in Downtown Los Angeles. 

Upon meeting with my client, Michael spent time, multiple sessions, getting to know my client and his inner desires and thoughts. This connection with my client went well beyond the average Muralist, and it allowed the two to connect on a level that would assure the most exquisite outcome, and Vivache Designs outdid all of our expectations. 

The amazing Mural art that Michael created in a timely manner using the highest quality materials and techniques serve as more than a conversation piece, they have become a daily inspiration for my client. I will no doubt call upon Michael and Vivache Designs for all of my future personal and professional artistic and Mural needs. There is no one better, in my and my client’s opinion. My only regret is that the piece is not open for public view. Thank You!!!!

-Farai K.

Vivache Designs exceeded our expectations in all regards. They created a beautiful mural that exactly matched our company logo and brought our store to life. He did all of this under an extremely tight deadline and with a professional and cheerful attitude. I would HIGHLY recommend Vivache Designs for any mural project.-Flo S.

Vivache Designs exceeded our expectations in all regards. They created a beautiful mural that exactly matched our company logo and brought our store to life. He did all of this under an extremely tight deadline and with a professional and cheerful attitude. I would HIGHLY recommend Vivache Designs for any mural project.-Flo S.

Mural Painter Vivache Designs exceeded our expectations in all regards. They created a beautiful mural painting that exactly matched our company logo and brought our store to life. He did all of this under an extremely tight deadline and with a professional and cheerful attitude. I would HIGHLY recommend Vivache Designs for any mural painting or sign painting project.

-Flo S.

We had such a great experience with Michael at the Neighborhood Youth Association .  He worked with the entire community to extract ideas and come up with a draft for what we wanted - he designed, organized, and executed an amazing full facade mural with our students, staff, and families that was representative of our mission, cohesive, creative, and executed on schedule.  He's such a pleasure to work with- we all had a great time participating. Vivache Designs' Mural Painters amazing! 

Thanks, Michael & Vivache Designs!

-Dawn F.   

Feeling inspired to say a few words about LA muralist, Michael Che Romero: When most people see the side of a building, they see an empty space. But when LA muralist Michael Che Romero sees the side of a building, he sees a blank canvas. Where others view the endless sprawl of edifice as entrees to feelings of urban despair, Romero sees an opportunity to communicate and to spread ideas. Romero’s art began in the streets of Spokane over a decade ago. His murals first sprang from the urban underground, and brandished themes of the social and political revolutions of Latin America, which champion populist power and collective self-realization.

Today, Vivache Designs is the business evolution of Michael Che Romero’s art, which has become more practically focused. Los Angeles Mural Artist Michael Che Romero’s mission includes replacing printed billboards with mural painting adds, custom designed murals and then hand-painted murals on the sides of businesses. His murals also adorn interior business walls mural paintings, transforming corporate doldrums in to common areas of enriched expression, enabling management to create brand-specific environments for clients and employees. Vivache Design works with each business owner to ensure their involvement in the unique expression they prepares for them. He also seeks to work in concert with the urban community as a whole, adding further contextual relevance to each piece. Teams of urban artists are then employed to paint each vision one stroke at a time, until a fully realized vision specific to the client brand emerges. On one wall, a mural painting depiction of Santa Monica as seen from the beach - but encompassed within the shape of a California bear - entrances viewers. Venice Beach effervesces in letters with related images on another wall.

And the declaration “Math Rocks” is cartooned with images of Einstein, his Theory of Relativity, and the human brain on another. His once passionate desire to emulate the ideals of social revolution have now been channelled in to the mainstream of social responsibility, creating interior and exterior spaces that spring to life with ideas relevant to a capitalist society. Michael Che Romero is Los Angeles mural artist who once painted to change the world, but now seeks to work with it. The ability of Michael Che Romero and his Vivache Designs mural artists to elevate ordinary spaces in to forums of inspiration and expression, offer a genuine upgrade to the endless sprawls of interior and exterior surfaces that form LA. In LA’s resounding throng of urban expansion, Michael Che Romero’s mural art offers wild flowers of hope amidst the jungles of concrete and asphalt. Just as LA’s seeming unending expansion may offer a dilemma between opportunity and crisis, Romero’s ability to see concrete as canvas may be just the thing that LA needs. 

-Bill S.

Vivache Designs Mural Artist Michael Che Romero is a great conceptualizer, which translates into stellar design in any medium ranging from print to online to canvas.  He asks the right questions, knows what to listen for, and visually depicts an idea in an impactful, crisp way.  On the practical side, he is a great project manager delivering product in a timely manner that exceeds expectations.  If you're looking for a mural painter or mural painters with innovative ideas and skills, Vivache Designs' and their team is the way to go. 

-Val B

Unparalleled customer service.  Vivache Designs' Artist Michael Che Romero's artwork and work ethic is pure perfection - he is truly a genius.  As a result of his work, several businesses throughout California have benefitted from increased brand exposure (creating buzz) and community building (art does that after all). Vivache Designs' fully customized process is bar none: he and his team sit with you, ask excellent questions about brand strategy, growth interests, create digital mockups, and then deliver exactly what is expected.  He is constantly working with his clients to insure project success and delivery of custom wall murals. 

Just get your murals, custom art pieces, merchandising, logos - shoot anything - done with Vivache Designs!!  The best in the business!! 

I would highly recommend Vivache Designs for all of you custom wall mural and design needs.


Vivache Designs was hired to paint two new logos on our Union Pacific Cold Connect building located in Central CA.  From the first contact, Michael Che Romero was very personable and great to talk to.  During our preliminary discussion, I told Michael that I wanted the mural/logo to not appear like it was "patched in" and that I wanted the new color to match the existing color.  He completely understood what I was looking for.

 Vivache Designs drove up from LA to do a site survey and took a piece of the building material with them to ensure that the color matched.  Unfortunately, the project ended up being scheduled during the hottest week in August (110 F) but Michael didn't complain.  He knew that we had a deadline to meet and he worked crazy long hours to get the job done.  The logos turned out great and I am very happy with his work.  I would highly recommend Vivache Designs!

-Kim S.

Mural Painting Los Angeles Vivache Designs 100% Proven Mural Painter

Mural Painting Los Angeles Vivache Designs 100% Proven Mural Painter

This review is long over-due.  I commissioned Vivache Designs to do a custom wall mural painting in my loft DTLA and the entire experience was phenomenal.  The owner and mural artist, Michael Che Romero, is the consummate professional.  He set up an in-house meeting to discuss the project and we immediately connected on a personal level.  At the follow up meeting, Michael knocked it out of the park with both of the concepts he presented.  The mural painter pricing was competitive with other mural painters & designers, however, Michael's attention to detail and follow through was a cut above the rest.  We moved forward with the mural painting project and Michael executed flawlessly.  He is a perfectionist.  The space was carefully prepped, the wall mural painting was perfectly scaled and the lighting was properly set.  I'm inspired every morning when I look at what Michael created for me.  Also, glad to now call him my friend.  All the best!


Michael curated and created a wall mural gallery and exhibit at Trojan Athletics while also creating stunning works, himself. He was incredibly easy to work with, patient and understanding, and absolutely delivered on his promises. 

He has always been the go-to guy for any murals Trojan Athletics has needed, painting the twenty-plus foot logos on the interior walls twice now -- one time for the original logo and again when the logo was updated. 

I highly recommend Michael. A great artist, communicator, and all-around good guy.

-Matt B

I had the pleasure of hiring Vivache Designs' Michael Che Romero to work on my storefron signage - he is a true mural artist and great sign painter! He really impressed me with his professionalism and knowledge about the vision I wanted to be brough to life. Not only did he do my storefront, I will also be hiring him to do my mural because of his attention to detail. 

Highly recommend Vivache Designs!

-Daniel O

Hired Vivache Designs for two custom designed wall murals paintings at our office building in Manhattan Beach. They nailed both of them! Our first mural was for the exterior wall of our bike storage room. We didn't really have any idea what we wanted on that wall, but Michael was able to put together 2 great looking mockups for us and the end result was exactly what we were after. The 2nd mural they did for us was in our new tenant amenity center at WeWork.

This came out better than anyone on our team could have imagined. Michael was great to work with on both occasions and you can really tell he loves what he does and is very creative. Can't go wrong with them. Their Mural Painters will take your office space to the next level.

-Harry K.

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I first saw Vivache Designs painted mural work when I was a member at Alliance Training Center in Culver City five and a half years ago, and as a visual artist myself, I was so impressed by the mural paintings that I looked them up online. Within the past year, Vivache Designs Mural Artist Michael Che Romero also painted several other wall murals at another gyms I've been to, Mean Streets CrossFit, Trojan CrossFit, Academy of Strength and Sport. At both locations, his work was clean, polished, and highly visible from half a block away, and still has crisp line work that maintains its fidelity up close.

Mural Painter LA Mural Tapestry Canvas Vivache Designs Murals Los Angeles Sign Painter copy.jpg

While I personally have not needed someone to paint a mural for me, as a computer graphics artist, I reached out to Michael Che Romero to talk about his process, and we ended up exchanging our work and ideas, and we've have developed a friendship over the years. I can say that he is a friendly, humble, professional, personable, and truly passionate artist, and he does the best custom murals I've seen on businesses in the Los Angeles area. He clearly takes his time with his craft and pays close attention to detail, and I know that if his work can impress other artists, it can certainly impress businesses' potential clients and customers.


Michael Romero of Vivache Designs is amazing.  I've worked with him on two projects.  The first involved making custom T-shirts using a Jagannath design.  The second involved making both custom T-shirts and murals based on a geometric design that I came up with, and that he created according to my specifications.  The key points I would emphasize about him are these:
-He's a perfectionist, and he's a great person to work with if you are likewise a perfectionist, since he'll achieve whatever you need for your project, however demanding.
-He's very creative and inventive, and he's a great person to bounce ideas off and help you come up with even better ideas.
-He's very resourceful in coming up with ways to complete non-standard projects.
-His prices are very reasonable.
-He's an overall great guy and very fun to work with.

-Jake R.

I had a little bit of a odd job proposal for Michael to do. Paint a huge 60 Ft wall, with a mural of a Instagram name. He was more than kind, and got the job done so fast. Within a day, Him and his partner worked past 10 in the evening to get it done. We are beyond pleased with the end result. 
I would gladly recommend them to anyone!
Thanks you guys!!

-Fiona M.

Michael Romero owner of Vivache Designs did an absolutely fantastic piece for our worksite. It sits center stage on the wall, taking up a large part of the building for all to see, and all the students love it. Michael is a blast to work with, our ideas were thrown together with his help, and within no time he solved our problems. Not only does he completely cater and gear his design to fit your needs, but he wouldn't leave until the project was done. He is extremely caring, nice, energetic and full of entertainment. He graced us with the best quality in customer satisfaction guaranteed! His art really put on a show for all to see. Looking at his designs really is abstract and mind-blowing/altering. You can tell Michael puts his best foot forward to make sure your project is complete and that you are satisfied. There is always something more to be said, but other quotes for similar work were just a disaster.

-T. Talbot

After spending a couple of weeks searching for an insured artist to paint a mural on one of our office walls, I found Michael from Vivache Designs and reached out. His response was extremely quick and he came into our office within a few days to meet with us about what we were looking for. From start to finish the whole process was less than a month long and him and his colleague Gus were extremely professional. They were able to work around our schedules and finished the mural a week earlier than expected. I definitely recommend them and would work with them again!

Danielle C.


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