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Vivache Designs creates, designs and paints wall murals from commercial to residential. From skyscrapers, building, malls, cityscapes, small businesses and private residences we can paint any mural imaginable. We are our art mural design, and mural painting company. We create custom designed wall murals and original works of art. Our mural painters and artists can design and paint any mural painting that the mind can imagine. Our portfolio of custom murals, massive building mural paintings and our original art mural paintings speak for themselves. We paint wall murals in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, New York, and Phoenix. See why we are the best 5-Star rated mural painters and what our customers are saying about us on GOOGLE, YELP, HOUZZ, and FACEBOOK. Contact us to schedule your Free Quote consultation today. We look forward to hearing about your mural painting project.

The Mural Process: Commissioning a Custom Mural

Commissioning a Mural: What to expect at each stage of YOUR mural painting project.

  1. Submit Your Mural Project

  2. Design Contract Agreement and Design Deposit

  3. Design Process and Sketch

  4. Mural Contract Agreement and Deposit

  5. Painting

  6. Final Payment


  1. Submit your mural project

    Due to technology you have many options to chose from to reach out to us about your mural project. Here are the easiest and fastest ways to get an estimate in order:

    A.) Click Here, fill out the submission form and upload your photos / architectural renderings of the space.

    B.) . Or you can text us at 424-248-9243 your name and the description of your project, including the size of the wall and brief description of the space and creative direction for the artwork and the best time to give you a call.

    C.) Email us all of your mural project logistics to

  2. Pricing

    For a cost estimate, please contact us for a free consultation regarding your mural project. After an in-depth discovery conversation (see above) either via phone call or site survey, We will provide you with a professional written work estimate. If you are interested in learning how I arrive at my price quote, see my page on mural pricing.

  3. Design Contract Agreement and Design Deposit

    In my proposal for work I will include a contract. If you would like to move forward with the design phase for the work, please send the signed contract along with the design deposit back to me. The design deposit can vary based on the size of the project scope of work. Once we receive the design deposit and signed contract we will begin work on designs for your wall and schedule the project depending on the scale of your project. The design process can take anywhere from a 5-7 business days to a month depending on how many murals designs are in our pipeline.

  4. Design Process and Sketch

    We begin the design process with a clear description of the "feel" or "mood" of the piece. This is typically achieved through a collaborative brainstorming session, and by sharing visual ideas and images that might inspire the artwork. 

    From our initial design conversation, We will create at least two distinct designs with one revision. Depending on the subject and style of the project, the sketch might be a watercolor on paper, a digital rendering or collage, or a pen and ink drawing. 

    We then have a follow up conversation to integrate your feedback on the designs, and if necessary, We will come up with a completely revised design. In either case, the design that we settle on becomes a roadmap, not an exact literal representation of what the finished work of art will look like. In my experience, knowing the “signposts” — having a clear design direction — is imperative for a successful project. However, in order to create our best works of art, it is important to let a more intuitive creative process take over when we am onsite. When we are working in the space where the artwork will be, interacting with the people who use the space, we have more sources of inspiration than we do when we are coming up with a design in our offsite quiet, controlled studio. We might tweak the colors, scale and composition relative to the immediate environment. Either way, the ideas we come up with onsite, "elbow deep" in paint are what make the artwork truly site-specific and integrated with the immediate environment.

  5. Mural Contract Agreement and Deposit

    A deposit, typically 1/3 or 50% of our total fee depending on scope of work, is due two weeks prior to the first day of onsite painting. This allows for ordering of supplies and confirms the scheduling dates. At this time, we will review the mural design concept again and see if either of us have had any new thoughts or ideas on the mural design. We will confirm the start date and time, and confirm any preparation of the space as necessary.

  6. Painting

    We typically paint for about 6 hours each day, usually starting around 9 am. On outdoor projects, We may start as early as 6 am or as late as Midnight, depending on the weather, sun exposure of the wall and business operating hours. You are welcome to watch the process unfold. We like to touch base regularly as the work progresses to ensure that expectations are being met and everything is on the right track.

    Clients usually comment on how quickly the work progresses. Our focus is on getting things right, and we work until we are both satisfied with the results. I let you know when I am close to completion and we review the work together to see if there is anything was missed or doesn't feel right. We create a list of final tweaks that are needed, and, assuming it is within the original scope, we make the final adjustments. Then the mural is complete.

  7. Final Payment

    A final payment of the full remaining balance is due upon completion of the mural.

Trusting a mural painting company with your wall is a leap of faith. We are grateful and honored to do what we love. Every client has trusted us with their walls over the past 8 years as a professional mural art company. I encourage you to read about the experiences of past clients to learn how their walls turned out. 

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