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Street Art Mural Unveiled In Los Angeles' South Bay


The power of mural paintings and creative collaboration within our local community can be super powerful. Can art, music and culture influence and spark amazing bands like Black Flag, Pennywise and The Circle Jerks? Absolutely! And now it can bring a once loud anti-establishment counter-culture rebel musical movement into the heart of Downtown Hermosa Beach, now honored & immortalized through this massive historical punk rock skate street art mural.

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This mural is epic and will become a historic mural!!! This mural was painted by mural painters Vivache Designs' Creative Director & Artist Michael Che Romero. Special thanks to the Daniel Inez & Josh Kimbrell, the city of Hermosa Beach, Hermosa Beach Murals Project, Fletcher & Justin of the Pennywise Familia. Punk Rock is immortalized forever in Downtown Hermosa Beach.

This mural will create a stronger sense of community, creating awareness and tell the story about Los Angeles' West Coast Punk Rock Heritage. This was a massive collaboration mural painting project between the city of Hermosa Beach, Hermosa Beach Murals Project, Daniel Inez from M1SK (hired mural painters Vivache Designs), and Local Tattoo Artist Josh Kimbrell. Go Check out our massive 3 story street art punk rock skate mural located at 1301 Hermosa Ave, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254. This short video clip shows the mural getting unveiled by Vivache Designs' Creative Director and Artist Michael Che Romero our Mural Artist / Mural Painter / Muralist.

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(Pictured above is Michael Che Romero Vivache Designs’ Artist & Creative Director)

(Pictured above is Michael Che Romero Vivache Designs’ Artist & Creative Director)

“This mural project was powerful, because of the collaboration between local community leaders, artists, and the Hermosa Beach Murals Project organization. The proof was in the turn out, which was the highest in the organizations history. Hundreds of people from the local community came to the mural unveiling to show their support. It was an absolute success!”

-Michael Che Romero

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