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Vivache Designs is your trusted and 100% proven mural painter. We are a mural painting, wall mural art, and mural design company. We create custom designed wall murals and original works of art. Our mural painters and artists can design and paint any mural painting that the mind can imagine. Our portfolio of custom murals, massive building mural paintings and our original art mural paintings speak for themselves. We paint wall murals in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, New York, and Phoenix. See why we are the 5-Star mural painter and what our customers are saying about us on GOOGLE, YELP, HOUZZ, and FACEBOOK. Contact us to schedule your Free Quote consultation today. We look forward to hearing about your mural painting project.

Our story and humble beginnings stared in Washington State with our creative director and partner, Michael Che Romero. While he was attending college as student athlete (Football Player), business and art major he joined an art movement called P.R.A.W.N. From this art movement Vivache Designs was born. Utilizing both his business and artistic talents he found a niche market, custom wall murals, brand murals, and painting one of a kind art murals, which could be filled with professionalism, high quality murals with great customer service. We will walk you through the entire mural process from the beginning of the contract till the end. As a commercial artist for Vivache Designs he continued to grow and expand the business finally landing in Los Angeles and now rated and ranked as one of the best 5-star mural companies in the Greater Los Angeles Area.

First Vivache Designs started painting gym murals and creating custom logos for businesses that were turned into business murals. These murals and logos where used for social-media marketing and fun brand promotions for all marketing and marketing materials that included, blogs, hi-res images, Facebook, Instagram and Website marketing.

Our customers know the high value and the return on investment with our custom murals. Our muralists, graphic designers, interior designers and artists are multi-talented, passionate and relentless perfectionists when it come to the creative design process to the end product (painted murals) andcould be

Vivache Designs' Headquarters are in Los Angeles with severallocations through out the United States, extending to San Francisco, Oakland, Seattle and Brooklyn in New York City. So, if your business is near any of our locations and you need a mural or murals for your commercial development project, business or residence contact at 866-568-7257 or email us at

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Feeling inspired to say a few words about LA muralist, Michael Che Romero: When most people see the side of a building, they see an empty space. But when LA muralist Michael Che Romero sees the side of a building, he sees a blank canvas. Where others view the endless sprawl of edifice as entrees to feelings of urban despair, Romero sees an opportunity to communicate and to spread ideas. Romero’s art began in the streets of Spokane over a decade ago. His murals first sprang from the urban underground, and brandished themes of the social and political revolutions of Latin America, which champion populist power and collective self-realization. Today, Vivache Designs is the business evolution of Romero’s art, which has become more practically focused. Romero’s mission includes replacing printed billboards with mural adds, custom designed and then hand-painted on the sides of businesses. His murals also adorn interior business walls, transforming corporate doldrums in to common areas of enriched expression, enabling management to create brand-specific environments for clients and employees. Romero works with each business owner to ensure their involvement in the unique expression he prepares for them. He also seeks to work in concert with the urban community as a whole, adding further contextual relevance to each piece. Teams of urban artists are then employed to paint each vision one stroke at a time, until a fully realized vision specific to the client brand emerges. On one wall, a depiction of Santa Monica as seen from the beach - but encompassed within the shape of a California bear - entrances viewers. Venice Beach effervesces in letters with related images on another wall. And the declaration “Math Rocks” is cartooned with images of Einstein, his Theory of Relativity, and the human brain on another. His once passionate desire to emulate the ideals of social revolution have now been channeled in to the mainstream of social responsibility, creating interior and exterior spaces that spring to life with ideas relevant to a capitalist society. Romero is an artist who once painted to change the world, but now seeks to work with it. The ability of Romero and his Vivache muralists to elevate ordinary spaces in to forums of inspiration and expression, offer a genuine upgrade to the endless sprawls of interior and exterior surfaces that form LA. In LA’s resounding throng of urban expansion, Romero’s mural art offers wild flowers of hope amidst the jungles of concrete and asphalt. Just as LA’s seeming unending expansion may offer a dilemma between opportunity and crisis, Romero’s ability to see concrete as canvas may be just the thing that LA needs. 

-Bill S.


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